When the storm of life hit us, how do we stay positive? We’ve all felt hurt at least once in our lifetime but how do we remain resilient to surpass all setbacks? It’s in the darkest moment of my life when I began to read self-help books, bible passages and positive affirmations which have shown significant changes in my mood and perception of life. Just as I love wearing statement shirts, my love for fashion and style had contributed to the creation of this Jewelry line which now offers inspirational and personalized pieces.  

Discover your life mantra through our wide collection of engraved necklaces, bracelets, rings and crafts. Every piece tells a story, whether it’s a symbol of faith, or a symbol of your style. With custom personalization options, there is no limit to the pieces we can make just for you.

Keep your Anova keepsake close to your heart as your daily motivation and inspiration.

Keep the faith! Live inspired!

Anova Founder,


Anova is committed in sourcing out raw materials and supplies from local manufacturers and respectable companies around the world to provide high quality products. The value of every product is hoped to transcend in everyone’s heart and mind to promote life perspective rooted in optimism, unity, love and tranquility.

Our team is dedicated in providing timeless fashion pieces that would best represent every vibe from discreet to the most sophisticated. We ensure quality and accuracy in every order transaction. In line with the desire to welcome customer’s acumens and recommendations, ANOVA offers custom design and packaging for single and bulk orders on all occasions.